6 Things to Know Before Buying a Foldable E-Bike

Riding an e-bike gives you the best of both worlds. First, when you ride an e-bike, you become active; second, riding an e-bike also reduces your carbon footprint. One more benefit of riding an e-bike is that it helps reduce the traffic in your individual area.

Even better, if your electric bike is even foldable, you can easily store and transport it. Because of their incredible logistics benefits, e-bikes have become a red-hot thing on city streets, in apartment hallways, and in-office parking lots.

It’s basically difficult to beat the sheer convenience of an electric bike. See, an electric bike not just helps you zip around the city but even gets folded to the extent that it can be stored easily in a compact space. But just because there’s a huge array of foldable e-bikes out there, it gets confusing to choose the best one.

And that confusion gets worse if you’re not too much into bikes, to begin with. Fear not as we’ve compiled this guide that’ll help you give a run-down on the things you have to check before buying a good foldable e-bike.

Ready? Let’s put the pedal to the metal, then.

Know these things before buying a foldable electric bike

Check the fold levels

First, a foldable electric bike must come with a fast-folding ability. That means it must be super-fast and convenient to fold anytime, anyplace. A foldable e-bike should be so portable that you should easily store it anywhere on the go.

Which is why, checking the fold of an e-bike is an important aspect. Whenever you’re picking a foldable e-bike, you need to check its compactness and the time it takes to get folded. One pro tip: Keep in mind the space where you’ll usually store this e-bike before making the purchase.

Battery and motor matter

Commuter electric bikes, which are also foldable, come equipped with two expensive parts—battery and motor. When an e-bike comes with a powerful battery, it can deliver a good riding range. But a big battery easily adds to the bike’s overall weight. So, if you’re going to ride your bike for usually a short distance every day, you must pick the one with a battery size that complements that specific distance. For example, if you ride more than 40 miles every day, you must avoid picking a battery that has nearly a 40-mile range—you should choose a bigger battery in this case.

Besides factoring in the battery of a foldable e-bike, you should also check out the torque of your ride’s motor. Actually, the motor’s capacity isn’t just judged by its watts. Torque will tell you the amount of “oomph” an e-bike’s motor will provide. When a foldable e-ride comes equipped with a motor that has high torque, you’ll see how quickly it accelerates. But keep in mind that if your ride’s motor is too powerful, it’ll consume more energy.

Can you lift your foldable e-bike?

Need a simple and fast way to judge whether a foldable e-bike is good for you or not? Check out whether it’s difficult for you to haul it. If it’s difficult, then that particular folder electric bike may not be a good buy for you. The weight of an e-bike generally depends on its battery type, motor size, and the kind of materials used to make it.

Today, you’ll find foldable e-bike models that’ll help riders to move them without putting too much effort. So, fold the bike and see whether it’s manageable or absolutely difficult to lift. Nonetheless, it’s worth mentioning that the extra weight in your folding e-bike won’t ever make it difficult to ride.

Know about the wheel size

Many e-folder bikes come with a 20-inch lightweight wheel that’s usually compact whenever it’s folded. The only thing with a small wheel is that it won’t gather too much momentum on the road even when you increase your pedaling speed.

The wheel size of a foldable e-ride will tell you how much compact it can get once folded. Other than that, the wheel size even helps you know the terrains on which the e-bike can ride. Commonly, every foldable e-bike has 20-inch wheels; that means the ride can get fairly compact when you fold it.

Factor in the gearing capacity

Most e-folders have built-in pedal assistance. Having said that, it’s important to focus on the ride’s gearing factor. Many foldable e-bikes are equipped with a 1×8 setup, which depicts eight sprockets on the back and a single front chainring.

Now, this specific setup gives the capacity, which is more than enough for catering to any rider’s needs. One more thing: Foldable e-bikes that come with hub motors are simpler to operate if you’re not having too much experience as a cyclist. Why? Because hub motors need less gear-shifting.

Accessorize your foldable e-ride

Planning to make your electric e-bike part of your daily routine? In that case, make sure you’re accessorizing your e-ride. This way, you can actually enhance the overall experience of riding the foldable e-bike day in, day out.

For example, you can pick a few kickstands, lights, racks for your electric folder bike. This way, you’ll do your bit for making the ride perfectly equipped to help you travel from point A to point B with zero hassle and maximum confidence.

Finding the best e-foldable bikes

When it comes to finding the best e-foldable bikes, it sure comes down to Best Electric City Rides. We, at Best Electric City Rides, offer a wide range of foldable e-bikes that come from top-class brands such as EUNORAU, EMOJO, Micargi, Royalty Power Bikes, Oyama, CIVIBIKES, and NAKTO.

The frames on these foldable e-bikes are built from heavy-duty materials such as aluminum alloy 6061 and high-strength carbon steel. Besides, these foldable e-bikes come in different colors such as blue, black, red, white, and matte gray.

Since foldable e-bikes are costly, we even make sure that you can pay for your ride in easy-to-pay installments provided by our financing partner—Klarna. Visit our online store today and browse through the amazing gamut of foldable e-bikes or any other electric bike that fits your needs.

Final Thoughts

Foldable e-bikes aren’t meant for everyone. But it’s quite evident that it’s really hard to beat the convenience that a foldable electric bike brings. Other than that, the best electric bikes definitely take the stress out of pedaling too much if you’re commuting daily t work or college.

Best of all, these foldable e-rides are so compact that you can easily fold them and tuck them away under your desk or anywhere else you prefer. In this guide, you’ve come to know a thing or two about how to select the right foldable e-bikes.

Now, head to Best Electric City Rides’ and discover a humongous collection of foldable e-bikes to find out which one fits your tastes and budget perfectly well.

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