A Brand New Way to Enjoy Winter: E Scooters That Can Be Ridden in the Snow

For anyone who thinks winter is boring, they should definitely try out one of the most powerful and engaging scooters on the market. These vehicles are electric, clean but definitely not mellow. They can get you through any terrain, and yes, that means snow as well! More importantly, they’ll give you the ride of your life and show you that winter can be hot blooded too, and not just cold and uneventful.

How Is Riding in the Snow So Special?

If you ever rode a regular bicycle through the snow, you already know how unstable and dangerous it can be – especially on countryside roads that offer virtually zero stability.

When it comes to riding in the snow, you need rugged tires, large clearance and quite possibly a really powerful motor that will make you feel like you’re riding a snowmobile rather than a scooter. You also need some truly advanced technology at least a 1600W scooter (or possibly something stronger) and a frame that was designed for outstanding stability, if you want to keep your balance at higher speeds and not run the risk of getting into an accident.

Comparing Two Giants of Their Class

The high powered Coolfly T11 is one of the most rugged and well-designed scooters you can image. This awesome little vehicle has about 2700 Watts on each wheel and an impressive top speed of 43 mph. The Explorer is designed to give you the same performance and control that some scooters offer on asphalt – but on the snow and other difficult terrains. You’ll have extremely precise control through the rear disc brakes and the trigger throttle drive modes, and the wheels and frame will offer you the balance and stability that literally no other scooter can provide while going through snowy areas.

The Quickwheel Explorer is an even more powerful electric scooter that features a beautiful folding design enhanced by all the remarkably advanced technology it features on top. The motor is a brushless drive hub that offers a total of 5600 Watts and a system that distributes it evenly to account for any kind of instability. The powerful suspensions and the thick wheels, combined with an innovative braking design will ensure that you get perfect stability in the snow and that you won’t fail to control your scooter even under challenging circumstances.

The Explorer is the most powerful scooter in its class, and the Coolfly T11 is about equally matched to it. Most experts won’t be able to tell you which of these monsters would win in a race, but it would definitely be an exciting experience to find out. You can do so by purchasing either one of the two scooters at Best Electric City Rides, the leading provider of high end electric scooters out there.

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