Can I Go to a Regular Bike Shop to Get My Electric Bike Repaired?


When you buy your first e-bike there are a lot of things you have to start taking into consideration. For example, you might not know where you should take your bike to get it fixed, should something malfunction with either the mechanical or the electronic parts. Where should you go if your battery needs replacing, or if the motor no longer provides the same power output as it did when you bought the bike?

A lot of experts will recommend a specialized e-bike repair shop. However, if you live in a small town or a remote area, that might mean traveling hundreds of miles to get to a good repair shop, plus it could take you some money to get it fixed as well. So your total expense might not even be worth it, if it’s a cheaper e-bike.

Fortunately, local bike shops or the shops that sold you the bike can sometimes get electric bikes fixed. Best Electric City Rides is a good example of an e-bike shop that can help you out if something like that happens with one of the bikes that they provide. They’ll actually go above and beyond to make sure that you can sort out your problem with the new bike, or get a new one.

Generally, there are three instances when a regular bike shop will accept your electric bike for repairs:

  1. When they carry e-bikes as well, and they have an expert who can come in to at least take a look at your bike and figure out what’s wrong;

  2. When you have an e-bike that doesn’t have too many complex systems, like the CityElf e-bike which is designed for simple and practical functionality;

  3. When the bike only has something wrong with its mechanical parts and the electronic elements are intact and working properly.

Still, even if your case doesn’t match the ones listed above, it’s important to stay positive about the whole matter. In a lot of cases, regular bike shops will know people who deal with e-bikes on a regular basis, and at the very least you can ask to set up an appointment so that the expert can examine it and see if it can be fixed by regular means.

If the bike can no longer be repaired, you also have the option of replacing it with a brand new, durable one such as the ones in the extensive lineup available at Best Electric City Rides for convenient online purchase.

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