Here’s What You Have to Do Immediately If There’s a Problem with Your E-Bike Delivery


When there is a problem with the delivery of an high end, costly e-bike it’s important to know exactly what you should do. You won’t be able to simply let things “sort themselves out” and just calling the seller or the delivery service won’t usually cut it.

Instead, there are a series of steps that you’ll have to follow for best results, and they will include having to gather evidence and submit a written complaint as well. In these types of situations, it’s important to always act according to the recognized standard instead of just taking a few vague and unhelpful measures.

What Are the Main Problems That Could Occur?

One of the issues that might arise is that your package could be delayed in arriving. This isn’t usually a problem – and it’s definitely not unusual, considering that COVID tends to delay just about everything these days – but it can be a little concerning. You don’t know if your e-bike is just late in coming or if it’s not coming at all. So it’s good practice to write an email to the seller and ask about the issue, especially if your tracking isn’t working.

A more serious problem is if the bike arrives damaged or incomplete. That means there was either an accident along the way, or your product arrived like that from the factory. This is a serious issue, since the seller and the delivery service might not even be aware that anything bad has happened. So if you don’t notify them, then you might end up taking a pretty big loss.

Dealing with a Responsible and Reliable Seller

If you want to buy folding electric bikes, there’s no better place than Best Electric City Rides. This convenient and friendly online store will provide you with all the latest e-bike models from brands such as DECE and Quickwheel, and they deal with countless customers so they have likely seen just about every type of issue you can think of.

Buying from Best Electric City Rides is a total breeze, and If you run into any kind of problem, all you have to do is write to them and describe your issue, as well as providing photo or video evidence of what the problem is. Make sure your pictures clearly show the malfunction or damage involved, and they will quickly help you file your claim and get properly compensated for any inconvenience.

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