Here’s your handy electric trike buying guide

At times, you need to dash to the local grocery store and run a few quick errands. Sometimes you have to visit a friend who lives a couple of blocks away from yours. In these times, you may don’t want to take out your car.

Which is exactly why, most people prefer having personal transporters powered by electricity. Besides e-scooters and electric bikes, there’s one other common e-transporter that’s taken the entire commuting world by storm—it’s an electric tricycle or trike.

And it makes a lot of sense to get an e-trike. Why? Well, for starters, these transporters don’t need expensive fuel. Other than that, an electric tricycle is good for anyone with limited mobility. That’s because an e-trike will definitely bring a lot more stability when it’s compared with a two-wheeled e-bike. Even better, some electric trikes come packed with a comfy seat and more additional storage features.

But the moment you go to the market for buying a good electric trike, you may be flooded with options to the point that you may get confused. To help you get started with finding a good e-trike, we have compiled this buying guide where we’ll share some tips to help you make a concrete decision.
What to consider before buying an e-trike?

Design matters
E-trikes are generally available in two designs. So as a potential buyer, you’ll have to understand this difference. First, you’ll find some models that are similar to pedal-powered stunt cycles that are mostly meant for off-road adventures. These are your fat-tire electric bikes with powerful motors and bucket seats.

If that’s not your thing, then you’ll have more upright electric trikes that very closely resemble mobility carts or any other traditional bicycle on the market. But if you’re buying an electric trike thinking that it will look like your next fancy mobility cart, then you’re mistaken. That’s because an e-trike will have some features that aren’t there on a mobility cart—and for good reason. For example, the top speed on an electric trike is higher than what you’ll find in a mobility cart. Likewise, some e-trikes come with pedals—an option that you won’t always find on mobility carts.

Speed and range

An electric tricycle derives its power from a rechargeable battery. The power of a rechargeable battery differs from one brand to another. On average, every good e-trike should deliver a stellar range of nearly 40 miles. To get it going for long, some electric tricycles come equipped with auxiliary pedals too.
Just like an e-trike’s range, its top speed is even variable. Some sportier brands can touch a peak of 30 MPH under optimal conditions. The average speed of every adult electric tricycle goes up to 20 MPH. The speed on this e-commuter is invariably controlled by a hand brake alongside a manual throttle.

Storage options

If you’re going with a totally recreational electric trike, then you’ll rarely find a storage option. Nonetheless, many upright models come with external baskets and custom storage compartments. This way, going for shopping on your electric trike becomes way more convenient than you may have thought.

So, if you’re someone who wants to buy an e-trike for carrying supplies without expanding your carbon footprint, then this specific commuter will definitely be your best bet. Just make sure that if having extra space is also a priority on your ride, get a trike with good storage capacity.

Now that you have an idea about what to look for when buying an e-trike, you may want to know from where you can get the best one. That’s exactly where Best Electric City Rides steps in.

Best Electric City Rides has your e-trike

At Best Electric City Rides, you’ll find a range of electric tricycles to choose from. These e-trikes come from some of the most well-known brands such as Emojo and EUNORAU. In terms of stability and comfort, the electric bikes found at this online store score full marks.

Some of the e-trikes here can set you back upwards of USD$ 2,000. The quality you get for the price is completely justified, but sometimes your budget won’t allow you to spend that much money at once. So, to make your e-trike buying experience more streamlined and faster, Best Electric City Rides has a buy-now-pay-later scheme. So, what are you waiting for? Pick an electric trike of your choice and start moving toward eco-friendliness and smart travel.

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