How Fast Do the Best Electric Scooters Go?

Coolfly D10

For anyone who wants to buy e scooter online for the single purpose of riding fast and enjoying the best thrills, there are a few powerful scooters that could be recommended. One of them is the Coolfly D10, a powerful 2000W scooter that features an intuitive dual motor design for outstanding control. Another one is one of the most powerful scooters you will find: the Quickwheel Explorer. With a strength of 5400 Watts, this model is definitely not for the fainthearted, and it’s one of the few electric scooters that can actually go faster than 50 mph.

Solidly Built and Very Powerful

The Coolfly D10 is not necessarily the strongest electric scooters out there, but it certainly beats many of the 1000W and 1600W electric scooter models that you’re most likely to encounter. Coolfly fitted this scooter with a powerful dual motor providing each wheel with 1000W and plenty of power to tackle steep climbs and difficult terrain. Because the scooter is built very efficiently, its range gets close  to 40 miles, which is one of the best readings in its class.

As for the highest speed of this scooter, it’s about 30 mph, which can depend to a small extent on the weight of the rider and payload as well as the conditions of the ride. On a good day, however, you can easily access the throttle trigger to reach that speed and leave everybody in the dust.

Intermediary Power

Between the D10 and Quickwheel’s monster, we have to also mention a scooter that can reach 40 mph and has only a slightly stronger motor than the Coolfly D10. This is Coolfly’s 52-Volt version of the D10, which can deliver up to 2600W of power. Aside from the additional 4 Volts of the motor, you’ll find that the lightweight aluminum alloy frame and the superior 4-spring in front, 2-spring in back suspension system also contributes to making this D10 model one of the fastest and smoothest e scooter 1000W and higher models.

When riding this scooter, you’ll definitely need good safety gear. We’d recommend a strong LED helmet for better protection that also features lights in the front and the back for adequate visibility. Also, to make sure you don’t lose control, consider getting a pair of no-slip LED gloves that can provide you with the grip you need to always steer your scooter to safety.

Why the Quickwheel Explorer Is the Best

We left the Quickwheel Explorer at the end of the list for good reason. Its record breaking top speed of nearly 53 mph is generated with the help of a dual 2700W motor delivering only slightly more than the total amount of power of the D10, but to each wheel! 5 power levels, a high end hydraulic braking system and a superior hydraulic compression suspension system further complement the Explorer to balance its raw power.

The technology associated with electric scooters continues to advance at an ever-increasing pace. If you’re looking for the best available high speed electric scooter models, consider checking out the ones available at Best Electric City Rides – the top electric scooter online store on the internet.

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