How Fast Does a 750W Electric Bike Go and What Are the Differences Between Models?

Vtuvia SJ26

A lot of people believe that, when they hit the online electric bike store to find a good e-bike, the only factor that matters is the power of the motor. While that detail is indeed a very important one, there are many others that have to be taken into account, and nowhere is that fact more visible than in the comparison of different 750W e-bikes.

Fast vs. Slow Fat Tire E Bikes for Sale

So, what makes the difference between a bike you don’t need safety gear for and one that will compel you to buy the best LED helmet for visibility and safety or the most efficient pair of no-slip LED gloves to stay in control? Usually it’s the power and power distribution, but there can actually be other factors involved as well.

Let’s compare two e-bikes that both feature pretty much the same 750W powertrain: the Vtuvia SJ26 e-bike and the SN100 fat tire electric bike also from Vtuvia. Now, because both models come from the same manufacturer, we’d expect that they perform the same way. However, that’s far from being the truth.

The SJ26 is more of a balanced bike. It allows for an upper speed limit of 22 mph, but its strong frame, its fine-tuned hydraulic suspension fork, as well as the impressive mileage, all show that this is one of those products from the online electric bike store that you’ll want to rely on for consistent performance rather than just going fast.

On the other hand, if you opt for the oftentimes considered superior Vtuvia SN100, you’ll enjoy a top speed that’s almost 10 mph above that of the SJ26, as well as an attractive frame and body, a CNC side wall alloy rim and a 48v/9G Sine wave controller. Although it’s not that much faster than the SJ26, the advantage of the SN100 is that it can be configured and used in such a way that its top speed will reach up to 31 mph depending on road conditions and the amount of weight it carries. And since the scooter can support up to 350 lbs (as opposed to just 275 lbs for the other Vtuvia), you won’t normally run into many issues in this regard.

What Makes a 750W Bike Better Than Another?

Experts will tell you that 750 Watts is plenty of power for any e-bike. However, some bikes are simply known to be constructed better and made to use that power more intelligently than others. That’s the case with the SN100 and many other e-bike models that have similar advantages.

In the case of the Vtuvia SN100, what you get is an overall optimized system with fine-tuned brakes and suspensions made to offer the best possible quality under any circumstance – whether it rains, snows, or the tarmac is replaced with gravel or sand. Additionally, the superior Kenda wheels, the controller and the intelligent pedal assistant all contribute to the improved speed and performance of the bike, while allowing the rider to maximize their use of physical power for increased speed.

Fortunately, getting hold of a superior 750W e-bike to replace your slower older one has never been easier. To buy electric bikes online that offer the highest performance just check out some of the offers at Best Electric City Rides.

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