How Long Will Your Electric Scooter Battery Really Last?

CoolFly D10 2600W

Keeping track of battery life is extremely important, especially if you aim to buy a powerful 1000W electric scooter for sale, or one that’s even more powerful. Because scooters have a greater array of motors than common e-bikes, you might find that calculating the exact amount of time and distance you can use your scooter for before replacing your battery can be somewhat challenging. However, it is essential to become acquainted with such facts, if you don’t want to be stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Factors That Influence Battery Life

As with every piece of technology in existence, you can’t rely 100% on specs. If you purchase a new scooter from an electric scooter online store, they might tell you that the battery can handle 600 charges and the range of the scooter is 25 miles on average.

As long as you don’t tackle difficult terrain and slopes, and you keep the amount of weight the scooter has to carry well below the limit, these numbers will check out, and you can use a simple arithmetic calculation to find out how long your battery might last based on how often you ride it. So, for instance, if you expect to only travel an average of 150 miles per week, that translates to 3 charges per week for a total use of 200 charges. Knowing that there are 52 weeks in a year, we can calculate that your battery is likely to last somewhere around 3.8 years.

The more frequently and the more intensively you use your scooter, the more likely it will be that the battery will last less than that, or that it could even fail early on. As a result, you might also have to keep track of the technology and what conditions each type of battery should be stored in – especially when it comes to removable batteries.

For batteries fitted on advanced, 1600W electric scooter models such as the DES10 Folding Electric Scooter (or stronger ones, like the 2600W Coolfly D10 2AB), you’ll have to take greater care, as there may be more factors than usual that could diminish their battery life.

Lithium batteries are generally more durable than lead-acid ones and require less care. So if you own a scooter featuring a lead-acid battery, make sure that you read up on how to store it and what to look out for in terms of the factors that could make it fail too soon.

Extending the Life of Your Battery

Extending or at least maximizing battery life is not too difficult, but it requires some discipline. For instance, it might be important to store your scooter or removable battery in places where the temperature and humidity differences are relatively low. Also, make sure you use mostly stable speeds and avoid sudden acceleration – which is additionally a good safety tip along with the use of responsible safety gear such as LED helmets with lights for better visibility or a pair of handy, no-slip LED biking gloves that provide excellent support for staying in control of your bike.

Although it might not seem like it, all these factors can influence the life of your battery. Overusing your scooter and making it go on terrain and slopes that are too difficult can put a lot of strain on your battery. In such cases, it’s usually recommended to buy e scooter online with higher performance specs.

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