How Many Watts Do You Need Your New Scooter to Have?


If you’re tracking a 1000W electric scooter for sale coming from a reputable brand, you might not have much difficulty in getting the kind of power you need. However, some might want a cheaper and more docile vehicle that they can ride anywhere, while others could be seasoned riders who want to explore the next great thrills with something like the all new high powered DECE D11 2400W electric scooter, which is DECE’s new and improved addition for their 2021 lineup.

What to Keep Track of

The wattage of an electric scooter represents its energy consumption in Volts*Amps. The more current (Amps) a 48V motor can use, the greater its power output and the greater its Wattage as well. So, when considering how many watts your scooter should have, think of the following:

  • A basic commute electric scooter will not require much more than 250W to 750W depending on the difficulty of the terrain.
  • The most practical amount for city and countryside travels that don’t require extreme handling and insane power is around 350W to 1000W.
  • There are scooters that can go up to more than 6000 Watts, but they are mostly recommended just for seasoned riders, and they can be very dangerous for beginners to use.
  • Greater wattage drains the battery sooner, so you will have to shop for a scooter that not only has a powerful motor, but a high efficiency battery as well.
  • If you do opt for a high powered electric scooter, make sure the frame design, brakes, suspension and battery will all keep up with the motor’s performance and provide a balanced ride overall.

Additional Factors You Need to Consider

Bnefore you spend a lot of money on something like a 1600W electric scooter such as the DECE DES10 folding scooter, it’s important to realize that it’s not all about wattage. You could buy a scooter with a very powerful motor that has a lot of stability issues and can’t be ridden safely above 30 mph, or you might even live in an area where the speed limit on every public road is somewhere around 10-15 mph for all scooters above 750W. In such cases, owning a very powerful scooter will just make you feel like Superman without his powers.

Even if your new scooter is legal and you’re seasoned enough to handle it properly, it’s still a good idea to take great care in considering its safety specifications and buying additional safety gear such as a sturdy LED helmet fitted with front and rear headlights or a set of quality LED no-slip biking gloves to help you ensure perfect grip and stability while taking turns.

So make sure that you do your research properly prior to buying any type of electric scooter that goes above and beyond the normal specifications for a standard size city scooter that can do an average of 20 mph. Checking on local laws and traffic rules regarding electric scooters and comparing the specs shown on an electric scooter online store with what you read on specialty websites about power distribution and the use of power levels should help you a lot in making a more informed choice.

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