How Much Motor Power Is Enough for Your New Ebike?

Vtuvia SN100

When your plan is to buy ebikes online that have the right power specifications for your specific use, it’s essential that you learn about how much power is enough. E-bikes have unique designs and the combined weight of the bike and your body will have to be taken into account when choosing the wattage of the motor and considering how the bike will behave when climbing hills or dealing with rocky terrain.

Power Specs and Pedal Assist Systems

If you want to buy folding electric bikes with the right qualities and specs, consider cases like the difference between The Vtuvia SN100 and the Vtuvia SF20 folding electric bike. Both have similar designs and are built by the same brand. Also, both are powered by a 750W brushless gear motor.  However, while the SF20 only supports a load of up to 275 lbs, the SN100 can carry up to 350 lbs and has a maximum speed of 31 mph (as opposed to the SF20’s 21 mph), but its performance drops more dramatically as the weight increases.

Based on the results seen when comparing these two electric bikes, it’s already easy to see the pattern that forms when you try to get a higher performance bike. Engine power starts becoming less important for city bikes, but other factors such as the quality of the pedal assist system and the design and weight of the frame will play a more significant role.

If you need to tackle huge slopes and ride for more than 30 miles on hard terrain such as through deserts, gravel or snow, you will definitely need more than a basic 200-300W e-bike that would be ideal for getting around town. In such cases, a 750W bike or an even stronger one might be ideal, and you will also need heavier, fat tires as well as a lighter frame and better power distribution to complement the extra strength of the bike.

As you look through stores trying to buy electric bikes online, make sure you keep these details in mind and aim for a balance between the bike’s power and its ability to bring that power easily to the wheels with as little energy waste as possible.

A Word on Legality Related Issues

Motor power is usually associated with varying factors that may lead to safety issues. Speed, for example, is a serious concern to the legal systems in many areas. For example, in the UK and EU, simply having throttle control on your bike will mean that it’s considered a moped, so it won’t qualify for tax-free or registration-free ownership. In the US, depending on which state you live in, restrictions can vary, but in most places there will be issues with the speed limit and with riders under the age of 16 having to wear protective gear such as special e-bike helmets and anti-slip cycling gloves.

If you want to make sure you can ride your bike safely and efficiently, make sure you are mindful of all these details before purchasing it. The good news is that visiting an online electric bike store will give you a lot of options regarding power, range and control, so you can choose the ideal bike for your particular situation.

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