How to Pick a High Performance or an Extreme Performance Electric Scooter

High performance LED helmet

A 1600W electric scooter or an even more powerful model will usually be adequate for high performance riding and stunts performed on harsh terrain. However, the more the wattage increases, the greater the risk when you choose a scooter solely based on power. So great care has to be taken, especially when you go above 2000W and reach the highest performance levels available.

Tips for Buying a 1600W Electric Scooter (Or Higher Performance)

A 1000W electric scooter for sale is usually enough for most city-based trips, but if you want a little more performance, you can go up to 1600W or even 2000W and beyond. The 1600W scooter, however, has the most balance between performance and “reasonable” riding qualities such as good stability in traffic and fine-tuned suspensions for smooth asphalt travel.

When you buy a 1600W scooter, however, make sure you keep an eye on issues such as heavier frames, uncomfortable decks and battery technologies that fall short from ensuring a faster charging time or a long enough range. These issues might seem like they’re worth putting up with if you get higher speeds, but in most cases, a balanced scooter is a far better choice than a wild one.

Should You Get the Most Powerful Scooter Out There?

When comparing models such as the DECE-D10 electric scooter available at 2400W and the even higher performance Quickwheel Explorer with its remarkable 5400W dual motor, it’s important to consider just how far these e scooters can go and whether or not you should even consider it.

Remember, the Explorer and even some of the less powerful scooters in this category can race against cars on the highway, and they also have robust wheels, suspensions and braking systems allowing them to tackle even the most difficult terrain. Whether or not you’re ready for all that will be up to you, but it’s important to always consider safety first and make sure you have a fairly good idea of what you’re getting yourself into when purchasing the most powerful scooters out there.

Price Concerns and Other Details

Of course, the price of one of the highest performance electric scooters out there can reach beyond the $1,200 - $1,600 of regular performance scooters. For instance, the Quickwheel Explorer is more than double the higher end of that spectrum, and it’s not the only expensive high performance scooter that is available in that price range.

Also, you have to consider your level of expertise and how good a rider you are. To buy e scooter online at this level, you’ll need the best high performance LED helmet for safety and the most durable no-slip LED gloves to stay in control, along with other safety gear. And of course, you have to know how to handle all that power on rough terrain.

Finally, when buying a high performance scooter, we don’t have to tell you how important it is to get only the best models out there and make sure you are mindful of which store you buy from. It’s not just the price that’s at stake, but there are safety concerns as well, since many of the best scooters like the Quickwheel Explorer will reach quite remarkable speeds that would be unsafe for some.

Best Electric City Rides is the place where you can not only buy electric scooters online at a better price, but also get all the information you need to make a great purchase.

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