How to Pick the Best Commuter Electric Scooter for a Smooth and Easy Ride

CoolFly T10

A lot of people don’t realize that for a basic e scooter, 1000W or 1600W of power might actually be too much, and you don’t really need that much to get from one place to another in style and with ease. At least that’s what the best commuter electric scooters tend to teach us, as they are able to deliver exceptional efficiency and a smooth ride through the city despite having motors that are only rated somewhere between 250W and 500W.

The Three Classes of Commuter Electric Scooters

Unlike at the higher end where you can find the 1600W electric scooter models that are considered to be high performance, commuter scooters are relatively cheaper and designed for stability, portability and convenient rides. The following are the three different classes of commuter scooters that you can consider.

  1. The Budget Range

This level ranges between about $300 for the lowest budget scooters and up to $600 for the slightly more advanced ones. Cheap and tiny scooters like the X6 250W Very Light folding electric scooter can be found in this category, and some of them (including the X6) can be so small that they’ll fit into your backpack once they’re folded. These scooters don’t usually deliver much power and speed, and they only have a top speed of about 16 mph, but that’s more than enough for commuting.

  1. Mid Range Scooters

Here you’ll find some interesting lineups that include the DECE-S6 500W electric scooter and some of the more stylish and practical X-Series models. You’ll want to get a little more than just $600 for these scooters, although the difference in performance and quality isn’t too big, and the top speed and overall experience will be similar to that of some budget range scooters.

  1. Premium Commuters

This is usually where you can find an e scooter 1000W or above, as the top price for premium commuter scooters can extend to about $1,200. A couple of examples include the stylish Quickwheel C2 C-Shape folding electric scooter and some of Coolfly’s 1000W models. Although some of these scooters are similar in price to higher performance models typically used in the countryside, they are still designed to be used in the city, featuring less robust wheels, less powerful motors and higher end foldable designs that get more points for style.

Picking the Right Scooter

While you won’t always need a scooter that is powerful enough to require riders to wear robust LED helmets for visibility and safety or no-slip LED gloves for better support, sometimes that’s necessary – like when you live on a steep hill and you need enough power for your scooter to climb it.

Nevertheless, selecting the right commuter scooter has to be based on practical concerns and not a desire for speed and thrills. Consider the size of your scooter, how comfortable it is and how easy it is to maneuver it through traffic. Also, make sure that it has a durable and foldable frame for easy storage, and that the battery can support a decent range of at least 15 miles or so.

Finally, it is essential that you always buy even your cheaper scooters from the best stores. A quality electric scooter online store is Best Electric City Rides – a place where you can find all the best scooters and the most relevant assistance for finding out which one should be your main choice.

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