How to Select the Right Online Retailer for E-Bikes and E-Scooters


Whether you want to buy electric scooters online, or you’re looking for the best e-bike to purchase, it is essential that you take the time to research the various retailers you might encounter. Just about anyone can set up an online store these days, and in many cases the stores in questions don’t offer a lot of support, or their products might be below part of the quality standards you’re looking for.

Making the Best Online Choice for Buying E-Bikes

Let’s start by exploring your average online electric bike store. First, make sure you know the type of e-bike you want and what you need it to do. There are many types of electric bikes, from advanced mountain electric bikes and powerful fat tire bikes designed for difficult terrain, to basic city bikes and hybrids.

Next, consider where the store’s physical location is found. A store that is somewhat closer to home might be a better choice, since the shipping costs will be reduced and you might actually be able to take the bike back yourself if there’s a problem.

Friendliness, professionalism, trust and transparency should be the main qualities to look for in an electric bike store. You can pick up on how they handle their customers by calling or emailing them with your questions and seeing how (and when) they respond. It is also advisable to do a quick background check and see what experiences other clients have had with the store. You’ll find a lot of posts from past clients praising or complaining certain online e-bike stores on social media, specialty forums and message boards, as well as review sites dealing primarily with rating and reviewing electric bike stores.

Finding a Place to Buy Electric Scooters Online

Whether you want to get the most advanced 1600W electric scooter, or just a basic one to go to work with, you have to make sure that you make your purchase from a legitimate store and that you are offered a proper warranty both for the complete product and for its components.

Some of the more expensive scooters like the DECE-S13 dual motor 2400W scooter will be very expensive, and you don’t want to end up losing thousands of dollars just because the store you bought it from has awful customer support.

Check to see some of the main reviews for the stores, and compare their prices and warranties – especially the ones for the same product. It is advisable to choose a basic model to compare such as the Quickwheel C2 350W scooter, so you’ll know how they handle smaller purchases, as that can be indicative of the store’s professional conduct when it comes to customers who are not regular buyers or who focus more on accessories.

In terms of accessories, you’ll also want to make sure that your scooter store has the best ones. High power, high speed scooters require more safety gear like special anti-slip riding gloves and Bikes-Scooters-Skateboards helmets with front/back headlights to minimize the chance of an accident at higher speeds.

Through comparison work and by also making sure that the online stores you find are not too far from home, you can locate the best electric scooter online store for you and keep using it for a long time to come for accessories and buying new scooters whenever you want them.

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