Let’s Compare Some of the Greatest 2000W+ Electric Scooters!

Riding an electric scooters seems like a trivial idea to people who have only seen the smaller ones in action. But did you know you can have access to scooters that feature motors packing more than 2000 Watts and capable of riding on any terrain? Their range, power and speed will impress you, as will the advanced technology they feature, which allows them to perform extremely well almost under any circumstance.

Why Would You Need So Much Power?

Power is relative when you talk about electric scooters. An electric scooter is designed to take the power of its motor and distribute it intelligently to each wheel, while also featuring a lightweight but sturdy frame that will take the impact of a bumpy road, yet still remain undamaged and even provide folding capabilities so you can carry your scooter around in your backpack when you’re not using it.

The power of 2000W or more is a little scary to someone who has never ridden anything more than a 350W scooter. However, these modern electric vehicles are designed for safety and convenience, and they use their power wisely offering the thrill of an enjoyable ride without putting you into any kind of danger.

The Best High Powered Scooters Out There

If you really want to experience power and speed, the following scooters might be some of the best you can use. They are designed for more experienced riders, but they’re not as powerful or as dangerous as many other high powered electric scooters out there. On the contrary, they are fitted with safety features that will surprise you.

First in line is the Coolfly D10, a stylish dual motor folding electric scooter that packs no less than 2600 Watts. This little monster will take you (and everyone else) by surprise, since – despite its stylish look – it doesn’t actually look like a really powerful scooter, and it will remind you more of some of the less expensive 500W or 750W models. However, as you take off on the road, it will literally leave the competition in the dust while allowing you to control it to a remarkable extent. The D10 also has an ABS waterproof deck which will make you feel more comfortable and safe than ever as you engage with the most difficult terrains out there.

The other scooter we have to talk about is the DECE S13. A slightly less powerful model at “only” 2400W, this scooter does have a more cutting edge appearance, but it’s designed more for stability and control rather than power and thrills. It will take you where you want to go steadily on every terrain, and its rugged frame, impressive stability, long range and convenient control features will make you feel that you’re in complete control at all times.

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