Reasons To Invest in a 1600w Electric Scooter

Reasons To Invest in a 1600w Electric Scooter

When was the last time you rode somewhere at 30 miles per hour? If you had to think about it, it’s time to try it again. In the void between bicycles and cars, there’s a world of scooters. You could start out with a 250w beginner model, but there’s something to be said for going all-in on a faster model. There’s no substitute for speed. Feeling that thrill is one of the best reasons to invest in a 1600w electric scooter. And believe us, there are many more.

It Balances Power and Price

You could spend less on a lower-watt scooter that will maybe get to a speed of 15 miles an hour. You could spend another thousand and get closer to 50 miles an hour. But for many people, a 1600w electric scooter is just right. Moving on a scooter at 30 miles an hour is fast… and you don’t have to use all that power at once if you don’t want to.

You Can Commute With It

Many scooters at this wattage are foldable. It’s easy to pop one in your car trunk, park at a lot a fair distance away from work, and scoot through traffic for the last leg of your commute. You can bring it on board a subway or train, too.

You Can Take It off Road

With the power of 1600 watts, you can take on any hill. With a wider wheel, you can take your scooter from the asphalt onto grass and paths for a shortcut—or to take the long way home. Even if you bought an e-scooter for some mild-mannered commuting, you might find yourself inspired to go on a real adventure.

It’s Good Exercise

Even if your scooter has a seat, using it can be surprisingly good exercise. You push off with your feet, use your balance, lean into the curves with your core, engage your arm muscles, and more.

It Can Get the Kids Outside

It’s hard to pry teenagers from their screens, but video games don’t measure up to the very real excitement of an electric scooter. Even if your kids aren’t athletic, they’ll still find a scooter easy to operate. If they’re competitive, they’ll delight in leaving you in the dust.

Best Electric City Rides sells scooters at all levels, but our mid-range models are incredibly versatile. Whatever your reason to invest in a 1600w electric scooter, you’ll soon find more reasons to stay on it. Contact us if you need help finding your next ride.

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