Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Folding Electric Bike

Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Folding Electric Bike

Electric bicycles open up a new world to riders who want to go farther and faster—not to mention anyone who just needs a little help pedaling. And to make it more convenient, many of today’s models are foldable, too. There are plenty of diverse reasons why you should invest in a folding electric bike or at least give one a try. Read on to learn more.

For a Smaller Home

If you love the idea of an electric bicycle but don’t have a lot of living space, a folding version has an obvious advantage: you can stash it anywhere. Many people store bikes in their apartments by hanging them on the wall or parking them in the hallway. That works, but only if you want your bike to define your home’s aesthetic. If you think your bike is such a work of art that you want to display it at all times, go for it. If not, a foldable e-bike is a better solution.

If you live in a city, square footage is at a premium. But people are downsizing everywhere—to decrease their carbon footprint, to simplify their lifestyle, or to save money. Just look at the growing popularity of tiny homes. If you want to keep a full-size bicycle in a small home, you’ll probably be sleeping on it. But with a folding electric bike, you can stow it:

  • In a closet
  • Behind a door
  • In a college dorm room
  • Under an office desk
  • In a motor home
  • Under the stairs
  • On the porch
  • In a cupboard

To Prevent Theft

Many people buy folding electric bikes so they don’t have to worry about chaining a bike outside. First, there’s the hassle of finding a bicycle rack and fiddling with a lock once you’re done riding. And when you leave it outdoors, you could expose it to extreme weather that can cause damage. Worst of all, an unattended bike is tempting to thieves.

Any set of wheels costs money. Depending on your needs, your e-bike may have cost a lot of it. Over the last year, the popularity of biking has increased as families looked for ways to get out of the house. Thieves know that they can always pose as the owner of your bicycle and resell it to someone else. And while there are excellent bike locks on the market, there always seems to be someone with a bolt cutter. The simplest solution? Just bring your bicycle inside with you.

To Move More

Despite giving your pedals some motorized help, electric bicycles are a great way for people to get more exercise. You can adjust the controls to pedal without assistance whenever you want. But foldable e-bikes are even easier to work into your everyday routine. They’re convenient enough to bring along on a day trip so you can explore paths you wouldn’t otherwise take. You can ride one as part of your daily commute. Take a spin at lunch. An e-bike is incredibly portable.

For Public Transportation

If you want an electric bicycle, chances are that you’re concerned about the environment. Using public transportation is another way to travel greener, but the station might not be close to your destination. Carry your foldable e-bike onboard a bus, train, or subway, and you’ll get to work quickly without dripping in sweat. Or if you want to break up your daily commute, you and your e-bike can get off a stop or two early to enjoy some fresh air.

To Beat Traffic

If you have access to a bike lane, you’ll learn to love rush hour. That’s because folding e-bicycles are fast. Because the models have smaller wheels and a lower surface area, you can move more quickly than other bicycles—and much faster than the cars sitting in traffic.

To Navigate Crowds

Folding bikes have more compact frames than their fixed-frame cousins. The size can vary, but in general, you can expect a slimmer bicycle and smaller wheels, which makes you more agile when you’re on it. It’s easier for you to weave through crowds and busier pathways, cut through alleyways, and squeeze by on sidewalks.

For Ease of Use

Another reason why you should invest in a folding electric bike? They’re easy to use. It’s hard to believe that you can collapse a bicycle without tools or muscle exertion, but anyone can do it. It might take around ten minutes of your time until you get the hang of it, but soon enough you’ll be breaking it down like a pro in a matter of seconds. Ride it and fold it without missing a beat.

For Style Variety

If you’re looking into buying a folding electric bicycle, don’t just consider a one-size-fits-all model. You have options. For starters, you’ll want something foldable that’s right for your purposes. You can choose a combination with your preferred:

  • Wheel size
  • Frame size
  • Motor size
  • Battery size
  • Folding speed
  • Weight
  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Price

If you want to use your e-bike for longer distances, your folding model might be heavier with a larger battery. If you’ll be using it in the city for quick jaunts, something smaller and lighter will do the trick.

You also have an array of styles to choose from. There are enough folding e-bikes now that you can find something that appeals to you visually and expresses your personality. Select from different designs and finishes, whether you’re into a retro vibe or want something uber modern. If you want a folding e-bike that doesn’t obviously look like a folding e-bike, you’ll find it.

For a New Kind of Fun

At Best Electric City Rides, we don’t just have customers looking for practical solutions. A lot of the people buying foldable e-bikes are just looking for a good time. No matter what kind of wheels you want, we have a comprehensive selection that will give you a unique thrill. If you must, tell yourself that you’re investing in it because it’s the sensible thing to do. But ride it because you love it. Nothing is stopping you.

Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Folding Electric Bike

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