Safety Tips To Keep In Mind While Riding Your Electric Bike

Safety Tips To Keep In Mind While Riding Your Electric Bike

With the warmer weather, more outdoor enthusiasts are taking to the streets on e-bikes. For experienced cyclists, it’s a new variation with more potential for speed. For older riders, it’s a way to get back in the saddle with some motorized pedaling assistance. Tempted to try it for yourself? Just keep in mind these safety tips while riding your electric bike.

Wear a Helmet

You’ve heard it before, but we want to emphasize it again. The urge to feel the wind in your hair isn’t worth risking a hospital stay. If you buy a full-face helmet with a flip-up shield, you’ll get protection from the sun and look just a little mysterious.

Dismount Carefully

A surprising number of injuries are due to awkwardly getting off electric bicycles. It’s heavier than a regular bike—20 pounds or so—and when you’re tired, you don’t want it falling on top of you. Make sure the frame isn’t too big for you, and take your time getting on and off.

Keep Tires Inflated

Make it part of your routine to check your tires before going on a ride. You might not notice a slow leak or bald treads until you’re headed for trouble. Use your gauge every time and you’ll retain greater control over your e-bike.

Give Cars a Wide Berth

Whether or not the concept of electric bicycles is new to you, it’s definitely news to many car drivers. If they just see you in their peripheral vision, they don’t know if you’re a bike, a scooter, or a motorcycle—or how fast you’re moving. Ride in the road lane if you can keep up with traffic, but keep a healthy distance.

Watch Your Speed

You can travel 20 miles per hour or more on an e-bike. But you don’t have to go that fast, especially if you’re still getting a handle on this mode of transportation. There’s time to find out what your wheels are capable of. Don’t rush it.

Brake Earlier

Coming up on intersections and obstacles is tricky even in the best of conditions. Brake too abruptly, and you might skid on loose gravel or get separated from your bicycle altogether. The most essential safety tip to keep in mind while riding your electric bike is that experience is your best teacher. Don’t assume anything. Get to know it and the power behind it.

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