The DECE-DES06 1000W Folding Electric Scooter: Cheap, Powerful and Versatile


When you want to buy electric scooters online, it’s important that you make sure that all the details associated with the performance and tech features of the scooter you want to get will check out against your specific necessities. Very few scooters have the ability to adapt to those necessities in any practical way, but that is precisely what the all new DECE-DES06 1000-Watt folding electric scooter can do.

Balanced Performance

Cheaper scooters that you might find when you look to get a 1000W electric scooter for sale and some lower wattage scooters might fall short from offering the level of performance that you need. However, with 1000 Watts under the “hood” AND a superior construction, the DECE-DES06 already has a head start over the competition, while its 432WH lead-acid battery can still deliver a respectable range of 20 miles.

The top speed of the scooter is 25 mph, which is great overall, although perhaps slightly below par considering what other 1000-Watt scooters can do. Nevertheless, DECE opted to focus on providing a balanced, safe and pleasant ride, rather than push the limits in terms of speed capabilities, which definitely scores them a lot of extra points in terms of the overall design. This feat is achieved through the intelligent power level system, the superior trigger throttle and the balanced distribution of the mechanical power generated by the motor.

The Pros and Cons

A powerful 1000W electric scooter for sale like the DECE-DES06 has a lot to offer. That fact becomes even clearer when we look more closely at its most important advantages:

  • The price is definitely a great asset. Available for less than half the cost of most 1000W scooters, but still able to provide a catchy design, a balanced and smooth ride and outstanding power, the DES06 was definitely built right.
  • The Goldish suspension system is one of the main technological assets of the scooter, enabling it to sail through bad terrain without difficulty or discomfort.
  • The aluminum alloy frame is of superior quality, and it also presents an ingenious folding system that minimizes storage space and overall weight.
  • A stylish LCD display is fitted on the scooter to provide readouts for the odometer, power level, charge and speed.

Let’s also consider a couple of the main drawbacks of the scooter.

  • The lead-acid battery reduces the price of the scooter a great deal, but also reduces the amount of available charges to about 350 and slows charging times to about 6-8 hours.
  • The scooter is fitted with only two LED light.

Enjoying Smoother and Longer Rides

With outstanding power, a beautiful design, a smooth and reliable suspension system and enough range and speed to help you get anywhere in the city, the DECE-DES06 can be a great low budget scooter to own if you’re looking for superior quality and balanced performance.

Despite having a lead-acid battery, the range is still surprisingly good, and combined with the 1000W power train, the Goldish suspension and the superior foldable design of the scooter, the DECE-DES06 can definitely count as a great buy at any electric scooter online store.

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