The Quickwheel Explorer – A High Performance Vehicle to Take You Beyond the Limits

Quickwheel Explorer

When comparing it with any other high performance electric scooter, 1600W for sale signs and descriptions will really not do much justice to the awesome power of the Quickwheel Explorer. One of the strongest and most versatile high speed electric scooters you’ll find on the market, the Explorer features dual 2700-Watt motors, a hydraulic compression suspension system and thick wheels for superior grip and to tackle any terrain – to mention just a few of its remarkable benefits.

Outstanding Performance and Technology

It’s hard to stay impartial when evaluating the performance and hi-tech features that the Quickwheel Explorer is associated with. Its dual motors offer a balanced distribution of power that makes turning at high speeds extremely easy. A 60V lithium battery enables you to ride comfortably knowing that you have up to 600 charges and that your Explorer can travel for up to a mind-numbing 85 miles without stopping to recharge.

The scooter’s technology is also very superior when compared with even the best of the regular e scooter 1000W designs that are out there. The high grade aluminum alloy and steel frame is chosen to offer an optimal balance between lighter weight and durability. Also, the suspension and front and rear hydraulic disc braking system will provide you with a smooth ride and outstanding control even under bad weather conditions, while the stunning LED lights and versatile LCD display for the battery, speed and power level indicator will make you feel like you’ve traveled a few decades into the future.

Pros & Cons

Right off the bat, the Quickwheel Explorer has a lot to offer in terms of higher performance and cutting edge features:

  • First of all, the maximum speed of this scooter is 50-52 mph, which is about twice as much as most conventional scooters can do.
  • Because of its sturdy frame and ingenious design, the Explorer can hold a maximum weight of no less than 440 lbs.
  • It also has to be mentioned that the scooter actually has a working turbo setting.
  • Despite being an extremely powerful scooter, the Explorer still has a folding design that is very easy to use when having to travel longer distances on public transport. In fact, the scooter only weighs 97 lbs.
  • The wheels offer excellent grip, but so does the ABS/rubber waterproof deck, which makes for very good stability.

Let’s also take a look at some of the main drawbacks of the Explorer.

  • This is a high speed, high performance scooter that isn’t for beginners. If you are a beginner, you might want to start out with something a little less powerful from the electric scooter online store, rather than opting for the Quickwheel Explorer.
  • The range can lower by a few miles depending on road conditions and riding style.

Who Is the Quickwheel Explorer Best Suited for?

The Explorer is not a vehicle for the faint of heart. In fact, it is only recommended for the most experienced riders. It also requires safety gear that you’d use when you ride a motorcycle, and the speeds it reaches can actually get you a speeding ticket.

If you feel you’re experienced enough, however, you’ll find that the Quickwheel Explorer offers the most outstanding experience regardless of where you take it. Whether powering through difficult terrain or looking cool in the city, the Explorer will be your absolute best choice whether you buy e scooter online or locally.

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