The Speed and Capabilities of a Reliable 350W Electric Scooter

Are you planning to buy a new electric scooter? Right now that initiative can be considered a very inspired one, since there are so many exciting new models coming to the market, and it’s fun to check them out, read about their specs and actually look towards buying one. 

If you’re considering something a little lighter just to get you around town to do errands, the Quickwheel C2 is one of the best scooters for you. But how fast is it and what can it really do? Would a 350-Watt scooter such as this one actually be a good idea to buy?

Can 350 Watts Get You on the Road?

Even though it’s “only” a 350W scooter, the C2 is quite versatile. Similar scooters might be lower powered as well, but some of them, like the C2, might feature hi-tech additions such as superior throttle control and advance brakes which offer better control over your overall speed.

A 350W scooter can definitely get you on the road, even if just for a brief period. The range of these scooters is about 10 to 15 miles depending on road conditions and the weight of the rider. That’s more than enough to get through a small or medium size city easily, and it might also be enough to visit your parents outside of town if the weather is good.

How Fast Does a 350W Scooter Really Go?

The standard top speed for a lot of 350W scooters is right around 20-22 mph. That speed can vary, of course, but only at the expense of the scooter’s power output, which means you might not be able to climb hills as easily with the faster scooter. Still, the speed of 22 mph that models like the Quickwheel C2 are capable of are still very decent.

The C2 is actually somewhat of a unique scooter due to the fact that it incorporates features designed to offer hi-tech advantages such as high precision control and a convenient way to keep track of its speed, while still having a lower power rating that puts it in the same category as, for example the E1 C-shape folding scooter. The E1 is known to be cheaper and to feature fewer high end additions than the Quickwheel model, but its speed and power are the same, and it’s still a very decent 350W scooter that will take you from A to B.

Both of these scooters and many more are available to explore, ask about and purchase at one of the internet’s top most popular and helpful electric scooter stores: Best Electric City Rides. Head there right now to find out more about the speed, power and extended capabilities of the best e-scooters that are currently available on the market.

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