The Top Cities in the US with Exceptional Bike Lanes


As you might be bored with the bike lanes found in your city, it’s a good idea to look for other options, including cities that take these types of routes very seriously. As there is an increased focus on sustainable development and walkability, many cities focus on building large networks of walkways and bike lanes to discourage people from using cars, and encouraging healthier and more fun ways of getting around: such as riding an awesome electric bike.

Where to Find the Best Routes

Biking lanes and routes can be found just about anywhere, but there aren’t that many cities that actually went the extra mile to create an elaborate network that you can use for creating an entire adventure while riding through them on your e-bike.

Here are just a few that you can consider:

  • If you’re on the west coast, be sure to visit San Francisco, as it’s one of the few larger cities that really went all out when it comes to promoting bike lanes. Almost 4% of the city’s workers commute to work by bike, and that number continues to grow as many new bike lanes and bike-friendly streets are being built.
  • NYC is considered to be the literal hub of public transportation in America, and recently it has also become a paradise for e-bike users. Simply riding your electric bike through central park can be the experience of a lifetime, and the city also has many other hidden gems that you can explore.
  • Seattle, Washington is one of the most unique blends of urban and nature landscapes in America, as well as the world. As a result of this fact, and of Seattle’s increasingly popular bike lanes, the city has become an extremely fun place for finding all sorts of outdoor terrain to test your new e-bikes on.

The Best Bike to Use in These Cities

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