What Are the Main Things to Think of When Riding Your First E-Bike?

Buying your first e-bike is like taking your first steps into a larger world. It requires careful consideration and you also have to consider your budget, since e-bikes are high end, high precision machines that won’t be too cheap. Still, you can get started with a cheaper, less powerful and more maneuverable bike at first to get the hang of it, and then the learning curve will not be too problematic.

With time, you can upgrade your bike to a stronger one, take longer trips, tackle more difficult terrains and consider long and challenging adventures with your friends.

Tips for Getting Started

When you get your first e-bike, it’s important to learn about what the controls do and get a feel for the bike’s overall performance and capabilities. Since your first bike will be less powerful, it will be similar to riding a regular bike, though not quite. Here are a few quick tips you’ll need to keep in mind at this point:

  • Start by reading the owner’s manual. This is something almost nobody does, but it can be very important, especially in terms of learning how to charge your bike, figuring out what the LCD screen and indicators are all about, and trying to go through all the controls.
  • Decide on whether you want to use the bike mainly as a standalone vehicle powered by its own motor, or whether you want to exercise. Selecting the routes, drive modes, speeds and other factors will depend on this decision.
  • Practice in a parking lot or another area where you don’t have to worry about cars hitting you. At first, this might seem frustrating, but it will help you get used to it and build up your initial skills.

What Should You Start With and Where Can You Get?

As mentioned, the best place to start is by buying a smaller e-bike. Consider a smaller, less overpowered electric bike like the Zimo X2, a fashionable 250W e-bike that is easy to use, lightweight, convenient and remarkably feature-rich. The bike is nimble and maneuverable, so it won’t provide you with many challenges, and it will allow you to adjust the amount of power you need quite conveniently while adjusting your own requirements for how much you should exercise.

Once you identified the bike you want to get, consider looking for a shop that will provide you with not only that particular bike, but more options, high quality support and assistance during the shopping process, and the ability to order and purchase your bike online.

Best Electric City Rides offers you the best opportunity for obtaining all of those benefits. Moreover, Best Electric’s trusted and knowledgeable representatives will assist you in making an informed choice about your new e-bike by discussing its functionality and making sure you’re buying something that you can actually use to reach your goals.

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