What Should You Check on If You Can’t Test Ride Your New E-Bike?

Vtuvia MN100

When you’re looking for an expensive fat tire electric bike for sale, it can sometimes be a tall order, since electric bikes can be worth over $1,000, and so you have to make sure that you buy the right one. Of course, it’s possible that you found your preferred bike online and that no local stores have it. So what should you do in this case? Is it reasonable to make a gamble and buy the bike anyway? Although there are a lot of risks involved in most cases, you can actually take steps to minimize the risks and ensure that you can actually get the right value for your money.

Use a Retailer That Has Excellent Customer Service

Fat tire e bikes for sale come in many shapes and sizes. Consider the differences between a basic fat tire Vtuvia SN100 bike and the Vtuvia MN100 electric mountain bike. Both of them are manufactured by Vtuvia, and they might both come from the same online store. However, their designs and specs differ a lot, and you’ll have to consider whether an electric mountain bike would even be a superior choice compared to a regular fat tire bike for you.

Such differences are often hard to keep track of without test riding the bike. That is why Best Electric City Rides offers not only high quality bikes and great warranties, but also outstanding customer service for beginners and seasoned riders alike. When you buy an e-bike from Best Electric, you won’t just get support one time, but you’ll be signing up for long term assistance with maintenance issues and anything that could go wrong with your new bike.

Best Electric is probably the best example of a retailer committed to its customers and one that doesn’t back down from a challenge – which is precisely what you need to be looking for in this situation.

Keep Proper Track of Safety and Manufacturing Quality

There’s no real way to replace a test ride when you purchase a new model from an online electric bike store, except to track the reputation of the store, check the track record of the manufacturer and get proper warranty. By aiming for a brand product that has a good reputation, you’re likely to minimize a lot of risks and problems, and by choosing a store with good track record, you’ll make sure they have your back if something goes wrong. The same is true for selecting an adequate warranty, as sometimes it can take months for small mechanical issues to show themselves.

Finally, don’t neglect the importance of safety. Make sure the brakes and suspensions of the bike are good enough (preferably also coming from a well-known brand) and that you get parts warranty on each component. Also, it can be great to choose safety accessories to go along with your bike, including safety gear such as a pair of no-slip LED e-bike gloves for better control and an LED helmet with front and rear lights for increased visibility.

Choosing to buy from an online e-bike store can be somewhat of a risk. However, when you do your research and follow at least some of the tips outlined above, you should be safe, especially when you buy folding electric bikes that already have a pretty good reputation among past buyers, and you make your purchase at an exceptionally popular and well-regarded store like Best Electric City Rides.

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