What Size Electric Scooter Should You Consider Getting?


There are three main aspects to consider when trying to decide what size scooter to buy from an electric scooter online store. These are: your height, the size of your feet and the overall portability that you expect from your new scooter. Depending on these factors, you can choose an ideally sized scooter that will give you the perfect experience you’re looking for.

Height and Scooter Dimensions

Your height will generally determine how much of a need there is to get a scooter with a stronger and larger frame. The taller you are, the more your limbs will have to spread out as you ride the scooter, and that isn’t comfortable or practical to do when you’re dealing with a smaller scooter frame. Also, it’s important to note that this is the same for low power scooters as it is for a very strong one like the Coolfly D10 2A 2000W electric scooter.

Of course, for an electric scooter, 1000W and above can also require aerodynamic changes to the frame and mandatory safety equipment like a sturdy LED Bikes-Scooters-Skateboards helmet or no-slip LED gloves, especially since the greater your height, the more dangerous a high speed scooter can become.

In case you’re taller and you really like a smaller scooter’s design, check to see if the scooter you want has an adjustable seat and handlebar. There are models that can increase the height of your seat by 10 inches or more, and many modern scooters these days have at least some adjustable settings.

The Scooter Deck – Comfort and Slipping

A lot of scooter models you’ll find at the electric scooter online store will have high quality, no-slip decks. However, if you have to stand on the deck while riding your scooter, and if your feet are too large, then the danger of slipping and falling is much greater. And in the case of a 1000W or above high power scooter like the DECE-S13 2400W electric scooter, that is very dangerous.

Comfort can also be a problem if you choose a scooter with a base deck that’s too narrow or too small. On short trips, that isn’t much of a problem, but on longer rides, you can experience discomfort and even injury, while also sometimes losing focus because of it.

Buy E Scooter Online with Portability Features

In high quality electric scooters, a larger size usually also translates in less portability, even if it has a foldable design. As a result, you have to take care to achieve a good balance between size and portability, while also making sure your new scooter is reliable, robust and fast enough. That can feel a little disconcerting, especially if you have a lot of specific details you want your scooter to also comply with.

At Best Electric City Rides, you can find a wide selection of scooters to compare and choose from. You’ll also find some of the best prices even if you want to buy a powerful 1600W electric scooter, or some other larger and more impressive model that will suit your needs just right.

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