What To Think About When Buying an E-Bike

What To Think About When Buying an E-Bike

They go faster and farther for longer periods of time with less effort. There’s a lot to like about electric bicycles, and their popularity is building momentum. When you’re ready to see what the latest technology can do, here’s what to think about when buying an e-bike.

What Will You Use It For?

E-bikes are built for different purposes, and they’re all adjustable on top of that. Start by deciding how you’ll be riding, and you’ll narrow down your choices from there.

Urban Riding

You can beat the commute with a compact e-bike that folds up for easy storage in your office. You won’t have to walk into the morning meeting all sweaty, either.

Recreational Exploring

E-bikes are a pleasant way to cruise around; they have a motor that offers different levels of power-assist pedaling when you get tired or want help getting up a hill.

Off-Road Adventures

You’ll find an electric mountain bike that can tackle any terrain when you want to go off the beaten path. They’re water resistant, too, if you find it hard to stay away from mud.

Hauling Things

Many models can handle baskets or other cargo storage behind the driver; some can even handle up to two baby seats if you want the kids to see the world.

How Does It Differ From Other Bikes?

You can’t always tell by appearance alone if a bicycle is electric. You’ll know it when you lift it, though, because it might weigh an additional 20 pounds when compared to a traditional bike. That’s because it’s packing extra features, including:

A Battery

This rechargeable power unit can be found in a bar in the middle of your bike or flat behind the driver’s seat and on top of the back wheel.

A Motor

Some models house this right next to the pedal, while others add it to the center of the back wheel.

Power Controls

You can adjust how much electric assistance you want from the handlebars. The same area acts as a dashboard; you’ll have a readout telling you your speed and how much battery power remains.

How Does It Work?

If you can ride a bike, you won’t need any extra lessons to ride an e-bike. That said, you will need some time to get used to how it handles, so head to a clear area when you want to practice. To operate an electric bicycle:

  • Press the button. Ignition is as simple as starting a car—or launching a space rocket, if that’s how you prefer to think about it.
  • Set the assistance level. There’s no pressure to get it perfect because you can change the level once you’re riding.
  • Get on and pedal. The motor won’t kick in without you. Once you start pedaling, you’ll feel the motor smoothly supporting your efforts under your feet.
  • Stop by pressing the same button. Many models also switch off automatically when they’re inactive for a period of time. Just be careful that you’re stable as you dismount and make sure the bike stays balanced.
  • Recharge the battery. Plug the bike into an outlet. On some models, the battery is removable. Otherwise, you can just reserve a space for your electric bicycle next to a garage outlet.

How Much Speed Do You Need?

There are different combinations of motors and batteries that can give your pedaling enough oomph to reach more than 20 miles per hour. You can adjust that power to kick in when you need it. It’s not a sudden surge of wattage; instead, your pedaling just gets a gentle assist, so it feels less challenging to tackle an incline or keep going for another half hour. But if you’re looking for an easy ride, you can save money on a model that’s only equipped with what you’ll actually use.

How Far Do You Want To Go?

Just as with electric cars, buyers are watching to see how far they can get on a single charge. On a bicycle, though, there are many variables that will determine this when you’re actually riding. The bike’s specifications will likely give you a range, such as between 25 and 45 miles. If you don’t mind spending the money, you can also get a model that goes up to 100 miles on a single charge. The rider’s weight and how much assistance they want, as well as the kind of terrain they’re on, will affect the range.

Other Considerations

Your Budget

As you’re browsing, you’ll gravitate toward models with price tags that don’t make you gasp out loud. You can find a fine basic model for under $1,000 if you’re a beginner or a casual rider. You can go well above $10,000 if you’re determined to become a road warrior. Just keep in mind that you’ll be spending the money all over again if you find you want to upgrade after your purchase.

Mounting Safety

If you’re older, less flexible, consider yourself clumsy, or just want a bike that’s easier to get on, there are plenty of step-through models without the obstacle of a high bar in the middle.

Tire Size

If you prefer fat tires, you’ll find a model to suit you. Your tires will also help determine what size e-bike you need. If you have any questions about this, you can always call a reputable dealer, such as Best Electric City Rides, for more information on what to choose. You can contact us via phone call or text message at (833) 232-7123 or email info@bestelectriccityrides.com.


There’s a lot to think about when buying an e-bike, not the least of which are the accessories you’ll need. The whole point of an electric bicycle is to offer you an easier, more comfortable ride, so add these to your cart if necessary:

  • Biking gloves
  • Basket or cage
  • Handlebar headlights
  • Turn signals
  • Water bottle holder
  • Cable lock

Can you buy e-bikes online? Definitely, especially if you’re working with an established dealer and passionate staff members who can give you honest insights. It can be easier to compare models when you use search filters and have the descriptions right in front of you. Even better, when you buy online from Best Electric City Rides, you won’t pay any sales tax—that could mean a solid 10 percent in savings. We also offer financing. Let us show you how an electric bicycle can be a game-changer for your lifestyle.

What To Think About When Buying an E-Bike

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