Where Can You Get Your Bike Serviced If You Bought It Online?

Vtuvia SJ26 Fat Tire

If you bought a bike at an online electric bike store, you might be thinking that you’ll run into a lot of trouble in terms of how to get it serviced. If something malfunctions, you’ll have to get it fixed, and e-bikes have special systems that not every tinkering mechanic can figure out.

Although it’s a general misconception that e-bikes need a lot of maintenance and frequent servicing, it’s important to remember that your bike does need some basic maintenance, and that you should still locate a good place to get it serviced, if the need arises.

Simple E-Bike Maintenance Tips

Whether you want to find folding e-bikes for sale or you’re just looking for a cheap, regular bike to use in the city, it’s important to follow a few basic maintenance tips that will help you avoid needing to get your bike fixed on a regular basis. Here is where you can get started:

  1. Keep your bike clean at all times, but make sure you avoid using jet wash since it can drive out important lubricants that your e-bike actually needs.
  2. You can use bike shine products to keep a protective layer over the paint, but make sure to keep such products away from your braking mechanism.
  3. Use wet lube in the winter and dry in the summer to keep your chain lubricated properly.
  4. Use a light spray oil to lubricate the cables.
  5. Make sure you keep the tires properly inflated at all times to prevent them from developing wear too soon.

To keep your bike safe longer, be sure to also use a preventive approach to riding when visibility is bad or the weather is rough, and consider LED protective gear like a Bikes-Scooters-Skateboards helmet with front/back headlights or an efficient pair of LED riding gloves with anti-slip qualities for better support, control and visibility.

Where to Take Your Bike to Be Serviced

The electric components of any folding e bikes for sale that you might consider will rarely need any type of advanced maintenance. Most batteries and motors are completely sealed, whether you buy a cheaper bike like the CityElf electric bike, or a more advanced and powerful one like the Vtuvia SJ26 Fat Tire 750W e-bike. So you’re more likely to have to replace these components if they fail. The trick is, however that the same can’t be said about the hydraulics, the braking system and the other mechanical components, some of which can be a lot more complex than those of a regular bike.

Whether you bought you bike online or at a local store, you can still take it to local outlets to get it serviced. Even if your local store doesn’t provide the service itself, they will know of the best places you can take your bike for maintenance checks, repairs and basic servicing.

Alternatively, consider doing a quick local internet search for e-bike maintenance in your area. You’ll find there could be a surprisingly high number of experts who will help with your ebike even if it’s bought from an online electric bike store such as Best Electric City Rides, that might deliver its vehicles from a location somewhat far away from yours.

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