To make a valid claim for warranty of damaged components, we advise you to provide details of the model, its serial number, your date of purchase as well as enclose some details on the dealer from whom you purchased the vehicle

 The terms for warranty claims have been listed below:

 Frame, Suspension, Motor: A year’ warranty of components, whereas a 3 month warranty for labor

Controller, Charger: One year warranty of components

 Battery: Our batteries come sealed and cannot be opened. In case of any misuse of the battery, or negligence on the part of the user, the warranty for battery will be invalidated. The warranty of a battery begins with the purchase of the new vehicle. Please make sure that the battery claimed for warranty does not have a charging below or equal to 60%.

General vehicle:  It has a one-year warranty. However, certain parts or consumables listed here may bear a different warranty and may not be part of this claim.

Consumables: Wear parts are not included in the warranty. These may include tires, brake lines, light bulbs, LEDS, wheel lining tape, fuses, basket, brake pads and inner tubes.

In case the warranty fails to be considered as valid, in any case, the customer will be charged for the repairing/replacement expenses. Warranty may become void in case of vehicle inappropriate use of vehicle or negligence on the part of user.

Please ensure that you take care and thoroughly follow maintenance guidelines.

Maintain the record of any services rendered by our authorized partners of service centers, by keeping receipts.

The claim for warranty may be considered invalid in the following conditions;

 -If the user fails to follow the directions for use, the claim may become invalid

 -In case of any collisions, or damage to the vehicle is caused by negligence of the user, the claim may become invalid.

 - The usage of the vehicle is found to have violated the law.

- The E-bike has not been registered.

 -The vehicle is found already repaired.

 -If the vehicle is used inappropriately such as driven in extreme terrain, snow, water or gravel.

 -The vehicle has been rented out for commercial purposes.

 -If the claim is brought against damages caused by natural calamities such as lighting, flooding, earthquakes and other disasters.

 -Exposure to rain, snow, hails which resulted in rusts on the body or faded paint.


 -Claim may become invalid if the vehicle is found to be damaged by needles, glass, nails, rocks or debris.

 -If vehicle has been used for carrying dangerous stunt, jumps

 -The claim may also become void if the vehicle is used for racing competitions

-If the motor, suspension frame or electric system has been altered for any purpose.

 -If any components, not recommended by the maker are used.

 Given the nature of the product, certain parts such as battery, main gauge, LED lights, brake drums, dis rotors and pads and motor may be exlusively obtained from the manufacturer. Besides, other parts such as tubes, racks, saddle, baskets, and tires may be obtained from the market or compatible brands upon the approval of the dealer or the manufacturer.

 Emojo Bike Return Policy

The E-bike return policy of Emojo is favorable since it allows buyers to return the product and request for a refund or exchange with 7 days from the date of delivery. To get better informed on terms of return, it is advised to refer to the warranty terms.

You are advised to submit a request for authorization regarding return or exchange. Upon issuance of authorization, you will be provided with a particular RAM number and guidelines for return. In order to ship back the product, you should have the RAM number.

Charges for Return Shipment:

  1. Please note that if you purchase an item under a promotion with free-shipping, you will not be entitled to claim for refund for shipment costs. Also, if the requested return is irrelevant to substandard quality of components or damages, but only due to personal choice of the buyer, they will be charged the shipping costs.
  2. In case your request for return has been approved, Emojo will arrange for pick-up of the product informing you the date and delivering you a pre-paid shipment receipt. The shipment charges will be deducted from the amount of your refund.

 The item returned must be in the same condition as delivered to you. It should have its authentic packing, papers, and accessories. If any component is found to be missing from the returned package, an amount equal to the component’s value will be deducted from the refund. Please also note that any damage caused to any component due to return shipment will be deducted from the refund.

 Also, all returned items will be affected with a deduction of 20% restocking and inspection charges from the total amount.

 The refund is made between 2 to 3 weeks following acquisition and inspection of the unit.


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