About Best Electric City Bikes

We’re an online platform offering a huge range of electric bikes, scooter, and skateboards from popular global brands to bikers who’re always up for the road trips.

Let’s face it, an electric bike is a long-term and expensive purchase. But, as much fun as e-bikes are, selecting the right option could be a difficult task. At Best Electric City Rides, we’re obsessed with delivering an extraordinary customer experience. Click here to learn more!

About Our Electric Bikes

Simply put, an e-bike offers 100 times more fun than a regular bike. From no-sweat commutes to smooth fitness rides, e-bikes are an exciting way to get around. If you’ve already used an e-bike earlier, then you must know how exciting and fun-filled the overall riding experience could be.

An e-bike offers 3 amazing benefits:

1. The motor installed in an e-bike helps the bike go forward.

2. The purpose of the battery is to fuel the motor and keep your bike move forward.

3. You can easily get control of your riding experience by using the control functions that come with the product.

Electric bikes are exciting and fun. If you’re an avid rider and want to invest in a product that can guarantee adventure and thrill, then e-bikes can be your safest bid. Click here to learn more.

Our e-bikes can reach up to 25mph depending on the motor. You will find specific info about each particular e-bike in its dedicated page. 

Depending upon the size and capacity of the battery, our e-bikes have a massive range of up to 50 miles (from a single charge). The range also depends on the weather condition and your use. Please go through each product separately to know the specific range of each product.

Depending upon the type of product and its specifications, it generally takes between 3.5 to 6 hours to recharge. Make sure you go through your product’s dedicated page to know the exact charging time.

It depends on your riding style and personal preferences. Generally, e-bikes come with two modes including pedal assistance and throttle. Pedaling can be useful when going up steep hills. Also, it can help extend the range and life expectancy of your batter and motor respectively.

Most e-bikes come with an in-built pedal assist feature. The purpose of this mode is to provide power from the motor so that you can keep riding without exhausting yourself. Ever wondered why some riders can ride really fast without putting in much pressure? They’re basically using the pedal assist function to pedal less and move faster.

The throttle mode is useful when you want to move faster without any effort.

Absoluely! E-bikes are water-resistant and can easily be ridden whether it’s light or heavy rain. But, just like any other vehicle, make sure you drive safe.

At BestElectricCityRides, we only deal in products that don’t need a license or a permit to be ridden.

While it depends on the size and capacity of your battery, generally it costs 5-10cents to completely charge your e-bike. The best bit? You can travel up to 50 miles in this price. Amazing, isn’t it?

Similar to your cell phone’s battery, e-bike batteries generally lose their tendency and power over time. Thanks to the present advancements in the battery manufacturing procedures, your electric bikes will sustain its tendency for a minimum of 450-500 charges. Unless you starting to notice that your e-bike’s performance is lowering down, you can continue riding for 2+ years without any difficulty. On average, you’ll get around 15k-30k miles before you’ll get an urge to change your battery.

Our e-bike batteries are designed to last and can go as far as 50 miles on a single charge. It is therefore very rare that your battery run out without any specific reason. Even if your battery run out you can still pedal like with any conventional bike. Considering the heavy weight of the battery and motor, it’s true that an e-bike is slightly difficult to manage uphills. But, it is easier to ride them faster downhills due to the similar reason. And you mostly feel those extra pounds when you handpick it or carry it up hand.


Please check our website to see the available ebikes’ components/parts. In case you can’t find your required component, feel free to contact us using our Contact Us page and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

Very fortunately, there is no need. Our Bikes are 90% assembled and do not require further setting. However, since it’s 90% assembled, we highly recommend that you hire a professional for assembling the remaining 10%. Hiring a professional will ensure that your E-bike is correctly pieced up within 30 minutes!

Shipping policy

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The cost of shipping could be free or may vary depending on how far the warehouse is located and the exact point of delivery. Costs may also vary if your order is weighty since it will be delivered with a lift.

The time for final delivery depends upon your location. It usually takes 3 to 8 business days to deliver it to you.

We process your order in the instance we receive confirmation from you. It usually takes 5 work days to get it dispatched.

To provide you quick and safe shipment of orders, we collaborate with some of the leading global courier services: USPS, Fedex, DHL, UPS and others.

No, at present, we only have shipping for the US market.

Yes, you will be required to provide us with a signature, verifying your receipt of the order. We require ‘signatures’ of emptor to ensure safe delivery of E-bike. We will really appreciate if you could make arrangements on the day when delivery is expected by using the tracking info.


It is our utmost priority to make sure that you get your order in the desired condition. However, we would advise you to thoroughly inspect your article prior to signing for its receipt. In case you find it in a compromising condition, we request you to sign for it as ‘damaged’ and keep a duplicate receipt.


Next, you may contact us and we’ll forward your claim to the maker. All Claims for damaged articles are directly dealt with by our makers.

Returns and exchanges

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Though we are fully committed to delivering the best bike at your doorstep, we are mindful of the fact that sometimes an emptor may change their mind. In case you wish to return, we would appreciate your effort to reach us and we’ll make the arrangement for return. 

The return policies of our makers vary between 7 to 30 days. Please be informed that in order to get a return, your request for return should be made within the time of maker’s return policy. In case, we get a request for return after the expiry of the policy, your return will not be made.

 Kindly note that return of articles is compensated with a 10-25% restocking cost for the manufacturer. Hence, you will receive the amount following deduction for restocking. Also, you could be charged for cost of shipping back the article (click here for restocking info).

 For a valid return request, please ensure that your item is fresh and in the same condition in which it was during the receipt. Also, the item(s) should bear their original packing.

 We would advise to you contact us before you make the return. You may reach out support through email and we will process your request to the manufacturer. Upon approval from the manufacturer, you will get an RMA number to initiate the return process.

 Following receipt of the article from the manufacturer, it will be inspected. If it is found in a fresh unused condition, you will get a refund between 3 to 5 working days.

1. While returning the item, ensure that you use tracking ID for shipping.

2. Before you make the return, you should get an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number 

3. You will be charged for shipment for the return item plus your refund amount will be subject to 10-25% restocking charges by the maker.