For The Commuter

Experts agree that cycling to work is cheap, healthy, and environmentally friendly. Many commuters, however, think gearing up, pounding the pedals, and arriving at work all sweaty and flushed do not make for an enjoyable commute. Enter the electric bike. What if your bike could deliver you to the office fresh, ready to work, and without the frustration of snarled traffic and high transportation costs?

Commuters share a common goal – to get to work on time. And e-bikes are one of the most promising ways to get you there.  The e-bike potential to revolutionize the commute and increase your health and convenience is enormous. Here’s why.

 Commuting with an electric bike is much less expensive than driving. How much exactly? For instance, let’s say your car gets 22 city miles per gallon, you have a 16-mile commute each way, and gas is $2.70/per gallon. Your cost for gasoline looks like this:

  • Monthly miles: 32 miles (16 each way) x 20 (workdays per month) = 640 miles each month
  • Monthly gallons: 640 / 22 = 29 gallons per month
  • Monthly cost: 29 gallons x $2.70 (per gallon) = $78.54 per month or $942.64 per year

 And that’s just gas!  Add in parking, the possibility of traffic violations, and extra insurance premiums and it’s safe to say you’d save some serious cash commuting by e-bike.

 An e-bike takes you farther and faster than a traditional bike. 

A 16-mile commute, which is average in most major American cities, is a stretch on a bike.  But an e-bike lets you ride farther, faster – up to 20 mph – and with far less effort. The pedal-assist system gives you more power and makes the ride manageable and a lot more fun.

An electric bike keeps you neat, clean, and professional-looking. Conventional bicycles require much more physical effort than an e-bike, which can leave you hot, sweaty, and uncomfortable.  An e-bike motor, on the other hand, lets you cruise past traffic, flattens hills, and gets you to the office refreshed and ready to work. 


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