Dece-S13-2400W 52V - Dual Motor-Folding Electric Scooter
Dece-S13-2400W 52V - Dual Motor-Folding Electric Scooter
Dece-S13-2400W 52V - Dual Motor-Folding Electric Scooter
Dece-S13-2400W 52V - Dual Motor-Folding Electric Scooter
Dece-S13-2400W 52V - Dual Motor-Folding Electric Scooter
Dece-S13-2400W 52V - Dual Motor-Folding Electric Scooter
Dece-S13-2400W 52V - Dual Motor-Folding Electric Scooter
Dece-S13-2400W 52V - Dual Motor-Folding Electric Scooter

Dece S13 2400W 52V Robust Dual Motor Folding Electric Scooter

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Dece S13 2400W 52v Robust Dual Motor-Folding Electric Scooter

Tackle Long Distances and Harsh Terrains Fast with the Dece S13 2400W Electric Scooter

The Dece S13 2400W Electric Scooter can tackle long distances and harsh terrains fast. It is the perfect mode of transportation for those who are looking to get around quickly but still want a little bit of exercise!

The sleek, futuristic design will make you feel like your exploring some distant planet as it speeds along on its sturdy aluminum frame with 2400 watt motor. The lightweight construction makes this scoot one that's easy to take virtually anywhere in any weather condition so you'll never have an excuse not to go out again because it looks too dreary outside or there isn't enough time before sunset.

  • A Loyal Companion on Any Terrain: If you want the best experience any motorized scooter for adults can offer, you’ll definitely be happy with the all new Dece S13 2400W foldable scooter. This 2021 model can handle even the roughest roads and terrains, whether you’re commuting across town, traveling through muddy countryside roads or getting across steep, rocky terrain in the mountains. The battery will never let you down, being able to keep going for up to 38 miles on a single charge.
  • Enough Power to Take You Anywhere: This is one of Dece’s best new models in terms of power and performance. Two strong 1200W motors are fastened to each wheel for a total power that can take your scooter to 40 mph, tackle steep 30-degree climbs and ensure accurate speed control through the trigger throttle system.
  • See All Your Stats Conveniently:The new LCD screen is not only easy to read, but it also displays the accuracy of your battery levels and other key information.

    The sleek, newly designed display on this motorcycle provides riders with accurate readings for their battery charge level as well as displaying speedometer reading and odometers. The power status indicator let's you know how much juice is left in each cylinder so that no matter what type of terrain or roads you're riding over-you'll always have enough energy to make it back home safely!
  • Better Stability: The Dece S13 electric scooter is a smooth ride and offers the best in control as well. With 4Pcs front, 1 rear suspension system, 1-5 power levels for speed adjustments - not to mention that it also weighs less than many others on the market today thanks to its lightweight frame! The deck is waterproof too so you can go out rain or shine with no worries about electrocution. It's easy enough to stop at any time when needed: just use your hydraulic braking system!
    • Easy to carry around
    • High-Grade Steel frame
    • High-quality LITHIUM Battery 52V 18Ah (936Wh)
    • Powerful 2400W brushless motor ( 1200w X 2 motors)
Model: S13 
Warranty: 60 Days Parts Replacement
Suggested Use: Commuting, Urban, Neighborhood, Countryside
Electronic Details
Motor: Front/Rear Mounted Brushless Drive Hub 52V 2400W ( 1200W x2)
Battery Voltage / Amp Hours / Watt Hours: 52V / 18AH / 936WH
Battery Chemistry: 52V 18AH Lithium Polymer battery
Estimated Charge Time / Estimated Range: 8-10 hrs / 38 miles ( Weight Dependent)
Display Type: LCD 
Readouts: Battery Charge Indicator (5 Bars), Speed (mph, kph), Power Level (1-5), Odometer
Light: Front+rear lights
Brake: Front and Rear Disc Brake system.
Suspension: 4Pcs front suspension and 1 Rear Suspension
Drive Modes: Trigger Throttle
Climbing Ability: 30 Degree
Top Speed: 40 mph



    • Power:2400W ( 1200w Front X 1200w Back)
    • Voltage:52V
    • Charging Time:8-10h
    • Foldable:YES
    • Range Per Charge: 35-38 miles (Weight Dependent)
    • Tire Size: 10 inch City Tire and Off-Road
    • Max Speed: 35- 40 MPH
    • Turbo: Yes
    • Category: Two-wheel Scooter
    • Applicable People: Unisex
    • Motor Power: 52V 2400W
    • Battery Capacity: Lithium 52V 18AH (936 WH)
    • Scooter Frame: Aluminum Alloy+Steel
    • Brake Style: Hydraulic Front and rear brake system
    • Deck Material: ABS/Rubber WaterProof deck
    • Max Load:265 LBS
    • Light: Front +Rear light
    • Suspension: 4Pcs front suspension and 1 Rear Suspension
    • Charger Voltage: AC 110v-220v, 50-60hz
    • Recharger Times: over 600 times

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        S13 -2400W-52V Dual Motor Folding Electric Scooter

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