The Vtuvia SF20 Electric Bike – A Robust Design and a Strong Motor

Vtuvia SF20

When you’re looking to buy folding electric bikes, you have to make sure that it’s easy to use, lightweight, easy to maneuver and of course, fast. These are all qualities that the Vtuvia SF20 electric bike not only possesses, but excels at as well.

Designed to provide a balanced ride and ensure that you get excellent value for the money, this 750W folding electric bike will also give you enough power to handle steep climbs or travel medium distances quickly, and get to your destination in record time.

Power and Technical Specs

Although many experts would encourage you to aim for a stronger fat tire electric bike for sale, 750W is more than enough power to get you where you want to go. The Vtuvia bike features a 48-volt battery that can deliver 13 A/H and comes with a smart AC charger that will help you get your bike running in no time at all.

When comparing the performance of the 750W brushless motor with similar e-bike motors, you will notice a distinct advantage for the SF20 due to the quality of the gear motor, the lightweight and aerodynamic construction of the frame, the fine-tuned Shimano 7-speed shifter and the intelligent pedal assistant system – all of which are designed to make your ride smoother and easier overall.

Pros and Cons

You’ll find that the Vtuvia SF20 electric bike doesn’t have many drawbacks, and its construction offers more than enough value when compared to its competitive price:

  • The Vtuvia SF20 has an impressive range of more than 20 miles, which can be extended to 35 miles with the help of the pedal assistant.
  • The top speed of 21 mph is more than enough for getting where you want to go within the city.
  • The folding action is extremely straightforward, and the difference between the folded and unfolded size of the bike is impressive.
  • The SR saddle is quite nice and comfortable, and you’ll find that the sturdy aluminum alloy frame will be able to support weights of up to 275 lbs.
  • The charging time is only 4-5 hours due to the impressive smart charger that the bike is equipped with.

Now let’s also take a look at some of the few disadvantages associated with the Vtuvia:

  • The range of this electric bike when you don’t use the pedal assistant is great for the city, but it can become problematic if you have to cover larger distances and challenging terrain.
  • The top speed depends on the weight that the e-bike has to hold, which means it will diminish if the load is too big.

Overall Quality

Although it’s not necessarily the best or the most powerful fat tire electric bike for sale, the Vtuvia SF20 750W electric bike has more than enough quality to compete with the big boys. Its strength, robust design and fast charging capabilities aside, the bike also excels due to its foldable, compact design and the comfortable ride it offers.

Its brushless motor is designed for durability, and the pedal assistant will take you farther than most bikes of the same caliber will ever go. All in all, for doing errands within the city and making some short distance trips outside the city – even on bad terrain – the Vtuvia SF20 is definitely one of your best option to consider at the online electric bike store.

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