Top 8 Reasons Why Electric Scooters Are so Popular

Top 8 Reasons Why Electric Scooters Are so Popular

The United States is a little late to the game, but more urban commuters are catching on to the appeal of e-scooters for beating traffic. Are they for you? Consider the top eight reasons why electric scooters are so popular. At least one should convince you to give them a try.

They’re Practical

If your reality is sitting in city traffic every day on your way to the office or racing across campus so you’re not late to class, this is the solution. It’s a quiet way to bypass congested areas, and it’s less bulky than a bicycle.

They’re Fun

You probably had a kick-scooter as a kid so you could zip up and down your driveway and around the neighborhood. Well, electric scooters are the cool, grownup, urban cousin of those toys—but they’re still a kick to ride. Honestly, it’s hard to not feel at least a little superior as you outpace all those other commuters and look good doing it.

They’re Portable

There’s no hassle having to park and lock up your electric scooter if you don’t want to. There are plenty of models that fold up in under five seconds, and at least one that folds up so compactly that you can pop it into your backpack.

No Sweat

If you’re looking to squeeze in a workout, get a bicycle. But if you need to arrive somewhere not looking like you just overdid it at Zumba class, an electric scooter is the more dignified way to go. It takes no effort to drive—if you can ride with one foot in front of the other, you’ve got this.

They’re Greener

The pandemic caused commuters to avoid public transportation for fear of infection, so more cars returned to the roads. All those added emissions were not great for the environment. Now you can get to work and back on one battery charge. Or, if you live farther away, you can park on the outskirts of the city, take your electric scooter out of the trunk, and zoom to your destination on a green machine.

Maintenance Is Easy

It takes just a few hours to charge up a scooter battery, so your main responsibility is ensuring that your tires are properly inflated. Keep a bicycle pump handy and an eye on excessive brake wear, and your wheels should be in good shape.

They’re Fast

Speed is relative, of course, and an electric scooter can’t compete with a car on the open road. Most e-scooters can achieve between 15 and 18 miles per hour in bike lanes. Considering that even the most expensive sports cars are traveling 0 miles per hour in a traffic jam, electric scooters definitely win that race.

Their Range Is Growing

Just as technology is increasing battery power range for electric cars, the potential for electric scooters is growing, too. On most models, you can count on about 20 miles on one charge. If you want to pay a bit more and don’t mind a heavier scooter, you can buy a model that will travel about 50 miles on a charge.

The top eight reasons why electric scooters are so popular illustrate their universal appeal, but you don’t need a justification to see what they’re all about. Most quality models are under $2,000, and Best Electric City Rides even offers a lightweight version that’s around $500. If you want to buy electric scooters online, take a look at our inventory, and reach out if you have any questions. We’re passionate about our e-scooters, and it’s pretty contagious.

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