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An electric bike is not a motorcycle, moped, or scooter.  It’s a bicycle that boosts human power with a battery-driven motor that assists when you need it. So if you think your bike-riding days are over, an electric bike might be just the thing you need to get off the couch and back on the road.

Exercise is necessary in all our lives.  Physical activity keeps your heart healthy, your lungs expanding, and your body less susceptible to disease and disability. If there’s no room for exercise in your life, or you’re not fit enough to exercise, an electric bike may just be the answer. Electric bikes offer power-assisted pedaling with a motor that does the work for you when you need it and backs off when you don’t. The net effect is a ride that’s pleasurable, less taxing, and way more fun than any traditional bike.

E-bikes expand your horizons.

The popularity of electric bikes is growing among baby boomers, veterans, and others who, for one health reason or another, just don’t have the energy demanded by a traditional bicycle. Power-assisted biking expands what you’re capable of doing.  It not only makes you fitter, it also raises your spirits and your sense of adventure.  An e-bike frees you to discover new routes around town, enjoy local parks and events, and explore farther without worrying about your limits. 

Get there faster or stop and smell the roses.

No matter what your destination, an e-bike can get you there fast, avoiding traffic and obstacles that may have slowed you down in a car.   Or take the road less traveled and enjoy all the little things you miss confined inside a vehicle.

 Cruise to your errands.

Need to pick up a few things along the way?  Add baskets, a rack, or panniers to grab groceries, pack a picnic lunch, or meet up with friends and do some shopping.

 Let the bike do the hard work.

Don’t let a hill or two keep you from your adventure.  Get a boost of power from the motor to conquer the inclines with minimal effort and let the bike flatten the hills for you. 


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